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Lightweight production electronics

We engage in light production of electronics, that is completion of products, its final assembly and preparation for expedition. Also development and production of unit / custom electronic systems according to customer´s wishes.

We offer complete solutions of low serial orders, from research to develpment, technical preparation of production, stand alone production of electronics, testing and opening, till the finalization of end products.

We carry on custom develpment of electronic apparatus for various industries.

We ensure samples and verification series for production so that it would be of the most quality and most effective.

We perform debugging and testing of products, we install firmware and needed software and we ensure required testing and examinations according to demands.

We can also expertly write up product and ensure it has the best possible packaging that is maximally protecting it during transport.

With cooperation with external company we support SMD parts equipment, eventually manual – classical production of printed circuits including selection and purchase of necessary material and parts.

We offer you complex solutions of offered services in the area of custom electronics production from A to Z. We produce, vitalize and complete electronic compositions and apparatus:

  • Electronic equipment and systems for industrial applications
  • Equipment for consumer electronics
  • Communication and navigatory systems
  • Production of electroncis from proper development


Headquarters: Dornych 54 / 47, 617 00 Brno, Czech Republic
Office: Škrobárenská 6, 617 00 Brno, Czech Republic

tel. +420 776 756 120 | | | IČ: 04599438 | DIČ: CZ04599438 | ID DS: 48fcyqq

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