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Clock Bar


  • 44 RGB LEDs
  • Choice of several design options
  • Choice of from 9 pre-set colours
  • Brightness intensity control
  • USB connection to PC
  • Can be controlled on distance up to 1200 m
  • Power only 5 V
  • Includes control software

Application / Possibilities of use

  • Timing control on conveyor belts


The clock bar fitted with RGB LED is suitable for use in production halls on conveyor belts. The bar is located at the beginning of the conveyor, and the LEDs turn on and off in parallel with the belt speed. The distance between the lit LEDs corresponds to the pre-set cycle in tenths of a second. The device consists of a 150 cm LED bar fitted with 44 RGB LEDs with a 100 cm power cable. It is connected to the control electronics, which is supplied by 5 V adapter and communication cable with RS-485 interface. This communication is routed to the user computer where it is connected by RS-485 converter to the USB. The configuration and control of the clock bar is operated by the control software – LED light blinking direction and cycle settings according to the conveyor belt speed, it selects also one of the nine pre-set colours and their intensity. After finishing work with the software, it is possible to set automatic switch-off of the clock bar to save electricity.


Parameter Value
Supply voltage 5 V DC
Maximum current 3 A
Average consumption 5 W
Maximum consumption 15 W
Number of LED 44 RGB
LED distance 33 mm
Length of bar cable 100 cm
Connectivity with PC USB 2.0 (Virtual Com Port)
Length of communication interface Max 1200 m
Length of bar 151 cm

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