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MOWIFI Controller


  • Intelligent battery management
  • High-current charging (up to 20 A)
  • Maximal use photovoltaic energy
  • Charging by external voltage
  • Possibilities to control output elements
  • Control of LED lighting by PIR detector and brightness sensor
  • Overheating measurement of device

Application / Possibilities of use

  • Batteries charging module
  • Photovoltaic MPPT regulator
  • Islands system for campsites
  • Mobile charging of a car-configuration on the roads


A basic purpose of the apparatus MOWIFI Controller is a charging of 24 V battery systems by means of photovoltaic energy, with maximal working point purpose. It is enough to connect one 24 V or two 12 V photovoltaic panels. The battery system contains intelligent management, which is taking care of each battery ideal parameters, of their mutual balancing and also their desulfation. The charging currents are limited by the value of 20 A. The apparatus could be also charged by external power supply with 32 – 48 V interval. The advantage of the apparatus is a possibility to control power output with optional voltage of 12V / 24 V, including operating of LED lighting controlled by PIR detector and brightness sensor of surrounding environment. In a case of placing the apparatus to an isolated box, there are two ventilators reactive to apparatus temperature change. The battery state and the charging process is signalled by the LED. Into the future, it would be possible to operate it by the aid of ethernet interface and USB.


Parameter Value
Batteries charging system 24 V
Equalizing current of batteries 500 mA
Voltage for charging from the FV/External input 31-48 V
Maximum current flowing to battery Max 20 A
Number of voltage outputs 4
Voltage of voltage outputs 12 V/24 V
Current of voltage outputs 24 V @ 10 A/12 V @ 5 A

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