Savee - Smarter And More Efficient Lighting

Without the need for costly and lengthy renovations, we can change the way you light your spaces and buildings today.

By simply installing Savee lighting controls into your existing wiring, you’ll be able to eliminate human error, change the intensity of your lighting remotely, or just have the peace of mind that you’re in control.

Electricity savings of up to 34%

Return on investment within 24 months

5 years warranty, guarantee of technical support and service

What Is Savee?

Benefits Of The System

Compatible with all brands of lights
No cables, assembled together "with light"
No reconstruction - "overnight" installation
OEM solutions for your own "brand"
System scalability and extensibility
Security - local server, no data in the cloud, encrypted communication
Automation, time schedules, motion and light intensity sensors
In-house research and development of software = possibility of modification and "customization"
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