Manufacture Of Electronics

We deal with light electronics production, i.e. product assembly, final assembly and preparation for shipment. Furthermore, we develop and manufacture pieces / custom electronic systems according to customer requirements.

We offer complete solutions for small series orders, from research and development, technical preparation of production, actual production of electronics, testing and commissioning, to the finalization of the product.

We provide custom development of electronic devices for various industries.

We perform product recovery and testing, install firmware and necessary software, and provide testing as required.

We can also expertly assemble the product and ensure that it has the best possible packaging to protect it as much as possible during transport.

In cooperation with an external company, we provide SMD components fitting, or manual – classic PCB production, including selection and purchase of the necessary materials and parts.

We offer a comprehensive solution through our A to Z custom electronics manufacturing services. We manufacture, build and rebuild electronic assemblies and devices:

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