My Energy Control - Mobile Low-voltage Control System

Advanced electronic power units (batteries and related electronics) and control software for remote charging control.

Connecting off-grid alternative energy sources (solar, air, water)

Smart battery management for long life

Possibility to control output elements and measure device overheating

What Is My Energy Control?

The solution is inspired by the desire for more efficient use of electricity and also the assumption that a range of appliances could operate on low voltage. Today, electronics are used, for example, with a 5 V (mobile phones) or 9-20 V (laptops) power supply, but the voltage is drawn from a 220-230 V grid.

The voltage supplied from the mains must therefore be significantly reduced before it can be supplied to the electrical appliance, resulting in higher power consumption than if the power supply were directly transformed to, for example, 12/24 V.

How My Energy Control Works?

The mobile power supply unit contains an intelligent electronic control unit and sub-modules, hardware and operating software for controlling the power supply of the island power source. The power system and the server are connected via a wireless internet link to form a comprehensive control system for handling meteorological data and customer requirements. The island power supply can be powered using independent alternative power sources (solar, wind, hydro, etc.) thus we can speak of an off-grid system.

The electronic power unit technology in the form of an island system is a unique combination of existing stand-alone electronic circuits (devices) and new electronics with a large contribution of “intelligence”. Intelligence in this solution is represented by knowledge-based software and data analysis of connected components (IoT sensors and devices), which makes it possible to reduce energy consumption to the minimum possible limit using 5/12/24V power distribution and systems.

Intelligent software together with device firmware enables communication with external sensors and IoT devices to streamline power distribution. The software is able to communicate with connected alternative or other power sources (12/24/230 V), or is connected to a conventional 230 V power grid and optimizes the flow or predicts the status of power needs of connected devices. The software is able to provide low voltage (12/24 V) power transfer to the smart battery storage or to the connected technologies.

The charging electronics can use energy from alternative sources and at the same time it can also use charging from the 230 V distribution network, i.e. it works with multichannel input, multichannel output and smart technologies (IoT).

A bespoke innovation is the use of low-voltage 12 V / 24 V power distribution, which can significantly reduce the overall system consumption compared to 230 V power distribution topology at short distances – there is no need to use 230 V / 12 V and 230 V / 24 V voltage converters at low voltage. This results in synergies and savings in connected systems and technologies, reducing the environmental burden of manufacturing components that will work with the system.

The project is now in the phase of further development and further use in the GREENHOUSE 4.0 project – a control system of an energy autonomous greenhouse operating on the basis of acoustic emission for growing crops in urban conditions. In collaboration with Compactive, s.r.o. and Mendel University in Brno.

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