IISIGN - Intelligent Traffic Sign Lighting

Research and development of intelligent traffic sign illumination, as well as research and development in the field of traffic data collection and evaluation to improve road safety.

Use of state-of-the-art ICT solutions and in line with the current trend of building the Smart Citites concept, including the use of eco-friendly battery charging using photovoltaic cells.

Intelligent lighting

Traffic data collection

Evaluating data on operating conditions


The new solution consists of hardware and software. The hardware is the electronics itself with lighting, battery, photovoltaic cell and supporting electronics for traffic and pedestrian detection, electronics for monitoring temperature, humidity and ambient brightness.

The software enables data collection and subsequent transmission of information detected by the sensors installed in the device. The combination of these elements creates a unique intelligent lighting solution that not only makes traffic signs and important traffic messages more visible, but by embedding sensors in the HW element, the signs are able to assess the surrounding environment on their own.

How IISIGN Works?

The main benefit besides the intelligent lighting itself is the subsequent collection and evaluation of data on traffic conditions and traffic, which is implemented centrally on a remote server where the data is sent.

Access to the data is provided to representatives of municipalities, transport companies, state-controlled companies with oversight of transport infrastructure, or anyone using the iisign solution.

Interested users have access to real-time, online data, not only on the state of traffic and pedestrian movement on roads, but also on ambient conditions such as temperature, humidity and ambient brightness. The smart traffic sign sends operational data about itself, such as battery status, photovoltaics usage and road conditions.

The smart traffic sign can use different colour tones and other functions, such as flashing or ambient lighting, based on an assessment of the situation. Sensors that react to movement, together with the monitoring system, increase the safety of pedestrian crossings. The entire system is able to inform drivers and generate up-to-date traffic information, as well as export data for telemetry purposes.

The proposed solution uses solar energy and is therefore a very environmentally friendly solution with respect to the sustainability of energy and material resources.

The project is now in the phase of finding commercial partners and product certification.

For more information, description of the system, types of tags, please visit www.iisign.cz

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